• Degree in Sexual Medicine and Sexual Therapy University Basel
  • Degree in Psychological Counseling
    Paracelsus Zürich
  • Certification as Sexual and Couples Counselor
    Paracelsus Tübingen
  • Certification in Advanced Education in Systematic Couples Therapy
    Zürich Institute for Environmental-Systematic Therapy (per procurationem) (Institut für Ökologisch-systemische Therapie Zürich)
  • Certification in Mediation (Konstanzer School for Mediation)
  • Certification as KIB Trainer in Luzern (Kinder im Blick in Luzern)
  • Education in Social pedagogy
    Aarau Higher Vocational School for Health and Society
    (Höhere Fachschule Gesundheit und Soziales)
  • Caretaker of the mentally and physically handicapped
    Swiss Federal Vocational Education and Training Apprenticeship
    Brugg Vocational School for Health and Society (BF Gesundheit und Soziales, Brugg)

I'm a member of SYSTEMIS, the swiss federation of systemic therapy and counseling.

Professional Experience

  • Over 13 years of work experience in helping and supporting people
  • Counselor for the Kanton (state) Zug ( leb Paar- und Einzelberatung in Zug)
  • Currently working (50%) for the Kanton (state) Zürich as Couples Counselor and Mediator (Paarberatung & Mediation im Kanton Zürich)
  • Author of "Ratgeber" (Advisor) for the Luzern Newspaper
  • Teacher for "Singles treffen Singles" (Singles Meeting Singles) and "Der andere Sexsalon" (The Other Brothel) and "Fix your Sex'n Love"
  • Experience with people suffering from psychological issues
  • Experience with children and youth with troubling pasts
  • Six years of counseling and therapy
  • I counsel Individuals and couples who suffer with:
    • Self worth issues
    • Crisis
    • Stress & Unhappiness
    • Addictions
    • The death of a loved one
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Relationship problems
    • Sexual problems
    • Gender dysphoria
    • Body dysmorphia
    • Family problems
    • Asperger’s syndrome
    • Emotional dependence
    • Borderline
    • Narcissism